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PPE Certification in Singapore

How do I get PPE Certification in Singapore?

IAS provides PPE Certification on a wide range of products such as medical devices, sporting equipment, protective gloves, etc. We test and certify products as per the requirements of the 2016/425 regulation.

  • Step1: Application – once we receive the application from the manufacture, firstly we ensure that the applied product is eligible for achieving the PPE Certification.
  • Step2: Evaluation of technical documentation – We evaluate the documents submitted by the manufacturer. The applicant should prepare the technical file which consists of the product description, product manual, components, quality testing results or reports (if any), etc.,
  • Step3-PPE test: We test your product based on the regulation of 2016/425 and also verify its effectiveness with relevant standards.
  • Step4: PPE test Certificate: Finally, we issue the PPE certificate for your products.

Once you successfully achieve PPE Certification through IAS, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our PPE Certification Search Page!

IAS – PPE Test and Certification in Singapore

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) provides PPE testing and Certification Service in Singapore with skilled professionals who are real-time experts. We test and certify a wide range of products from medical PPE products to causal accessories like sunglasses that protect eyes from UV rays. IAS offers PPE Certification in Singapore and also in numerous countries across the globe. Our team of experts provides effective testing and certification service in compliance with the EU regulation 2016/425 and relevant standards to ensure your PPE products met the applicable requirements. We help the manufacturers of PPE products to meet the necessary guidelines to enter the European business market. IAS provides a very simple yet efficient PPE certification processto help your organization achieve PPE Certification in a timely manner!

PPE Certification

Who should apply for PPE Certification?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a specifically designed product, used by individuals as protection against hazards, injuries, and infections. Some of the personal protective equipment products are Gloves, Gowns, Masks, respirators, etc. These PPE products are made to protect the wearer from accidents/injuries. PPE Certification ensures these PPE products are made in compliance with EU regulation 2016/425. This is the latest version that specifies requirements to design, manufacture, and as well as for marketing the PPE products. Also, the PPE certification ensures the products met the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR) in EU regulation.

The regulation is one of the EU directives that prove the quality and safety of the personal protective equipment. Meeting the requirements of this EU directive ensures the product is safe and durable to use. It provides requirements for the manufacturers to use the necessary guidelines in the manufacturing process of PPE products.

PPE Certification

PPE Certification for Medical devices

Conducting PPE tests for medical devices helps ensures its quality and safe performance. Face masks, face shields, medical gloves, protective gloves, respirators, eye protection, knee pads, elbow protectors, medical gowns, N95 masks are some of the examples of medical devices. The PPE test and certification helps ensure the quality of these products. Also, the PPE Certification establishes the PPE products met the specific requirements to market within the European market and other European countries.

Testing and certification for high-visibility clothing

We also test and certify protective clothing such as high-visibility clothing, welding clothing, heat and flame protective clothing, etc. These PPE products should meet the requirements of the relevant standards in PPE regulation to export to foreign countries. The PPE Certification establishes that the products are safe to use.

PPE Certification for category III products

Based on the risk level, the PPE products fall under three major categories. This classification helps to determine the risk level of the PPE products.

Category I:
  • This set includes products that protect the wearer from Minimal risks such as the risk arises by contacting with water or cleaning materials. For example, sunglasses, gardening gloves, etc.
Category II: 
  • It includes products that provide protection against moderate risks. The PPE products which are not considered as category I and category III come under this category. Examples of category II products are safety spectacles and goggles, industrial helmets, bump caps, high visibility clothing, etc.
Category III: 
  • It consists of products that protect the individual from high risks such as life-threatening risks and accidents. For example, respiratory equipment, fall arrest equipment, life vests, chemical protective clothing, etc. IAS also offers PPE Certification for high-risk category products.

Contact IAS today to learn more about PPE certification and PPE certification Audit Procedure, or visit our PPE certification frequently asked questions page!


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