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About ISO 22301 Internal Auditor Course

ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity management system. This standard specifies requirements for the organizations to control, manage, and respond to business continuity risks from missed guidelines to natural disasters that affect the continuity of workflow. It also helps improve the business continuity management performance of the organizations. So, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to build a better career in the business continuity management system.

Enhance your internal auditing skills to perform an exceptional audit of the part of the business continuity management system with the ISO 22301:2019 internal auditor training. This is a professional training course provided by IAS with experienced trainers. This course helps you understand the clauses of ISO 22301 standard and as well as the internal auditing principles and the latest technologies

  • Anyone who is interested to learn about the ISO 22301 requirements
  • Anyone who is willing to build his/her career in the business continuity management
  • Professionals who are involved in the implementation of the ISO 22301:2019
  • Individual who wants to place a better position on the management
  • Professionals who like to conduct ISO 22301:2019 internal audit
  • Individuals who want to understand the difference between the ISO 22301:2019 and ISO 22301:2019
  • People who wish to learn the specific requirements in the ISO 22301:2019
  • Aspirants who wish to become a certified ISO 22301 internal auditor
  • Members of the business continuity team
  • BCMS managers
  • IT and quality professionals
  • Management representatives and consultants

ISO 22301:2019 internal auditor course structure

The ISO 22301 internal auditor training course includes:

  • ISO 22301 introduction
  • Business continuity management terms and definitions
  • Requirements of ISO 22301:2019
  • Clauses with explanations
  • Auditing terms and definitions
  • Internal auditor behaviors
  • Auditing methodologies
  • Auditing principles and concepts
  • Audit planning, preparation, corrective actions and follow-up activities

Online ISO 22301 internal auditor training

This ISO 22301 certification course online by IAS is a great opportunity for delegates who can’t able to attend the classroom training. There are two methods of online training. One is self-learning and another method is virtual classroom training. The self-learning internal auditor ISO 22301 training is a 30 days program. You can learn the course and take the examination online anytime within the allocated time duration. The course module is designed with standard experts with high rich content to meet the expectations of each individual. From beginners to experienced professionals, anyone can take this online training and use this opportunity to become a Certified ISO 22301 internal auditor from the comfort of home or office.  The soft copy of the course completion certificate will be sent to your registered mail address.

ISO 22301 internal auditor training

What will you learn?

The delegates will learn to:

  • Plan the internal audit
  • Perform the audit activities
  • Distribute the audit reports
  • Guide the organizations with follow-up activities
  • Identify the gaps in the ISO 22301 implementation process

For more information on the application and ISO 22301 internal Auditor Training audit procedure of ISO 14001 in Singapore.

Training program – Duration

IAS conducts ISO 22301 internal auditor training program for 2 days (16 hours). On the first day, you will be taught about ISO 22301:2019 requirements and the business continuity management system. You will learn the internal audit methodologies, behaviors of the internal auditor and other auditing techniques on the second day of the training. The classroom training is carried out by the professional IRCA certified auditors who are experienced trainers and have years of experience in handling various audit scenarios. They will guide the delegates with the latest auditing techniques to perform well on the internal audit based on ISO 22301

Pre-requisites to participate in this training

The candidates who want to enroll in our ISO 22301 internal auditor training are recommended to have prior knowledge of:

  • ISO 22301 standard
  • Business continuity management system concepts and basic definitions
  • Benefits and importance of implementing the BCMS
  • PDCA cycle

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Benefits of learning this course

You can:

  • Understand the clauses of ISO 22301:2019
  • Understand the accelerated learning techniques
  • Develop auditing skills and knowledge
  • Provide active participation in the management review
  • Find out the strengths and weakness of your own management system
  • Plan, conduct and manage the internal audits against ISO 22301
  • Support the top management in the preparation of third-party audits
  • Compile the audit reports and distribute them
  • Provide effective corrective actions for the organizations to implement the BCM performance
  • Learn the latest auditing techniques and methodologies
  • Learn the specific methods to collect the audit evidence
  • Learn to build an effective business continuity system
  • Perform the internal audit of ISO 22301 against the guidelines of ISO 19011
  • Become a part of the top management
  • Participate in the ISO 22301 lead auditor training course
  • Get the professional ISO 22301 internal auditor certification

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