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ISO Course in Singapore

About ISO Training

ISO training is conducted at several levels and stages. With the vast auditing experience in the field of ISO, IAS handles all kinds of ISO training in a comprehensive manner such as ISO Lead Auditor TrainingISO Internal Auditor Training, and ISO Awareness and Foundation Training.

iso course singapore

ISO Course in Singapore: ISO Lead Auditor

This type of ISO course is a voluntary certification course designed for professionals or individuals with proper experience to get certified as a Lead Auditor. This ISO course enables delegates to perform First Party Audits (Internal Audit), Second Party Audits (Supplier Audit) & Third Party Audits (External Audit) of an ISO management system. IAS, in partnership with our sister organization, Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS), offers CQI-IRCA Accredited ISO Lead Auditor Training.

ISO Course Duration: 5 days, 40 hours

We provide IRCA Accredited Lead Auditor Training Courses for a variety of ISO standards, which include the following.

ISO Course in Singapore: Internal Auditor

This ISO training course provides individuals with the knowledge and skill set to successfully conduct first and second-party audits of an ISO management system. After completing the training, internal auditors are able to conduct effective audits of all the processes within an organization and provide feedback on any areas that do not comply with requirements.Here are some of the most popular internal auditor ISO training programs offered by IAS:

ISO Training

ISO Course in Singapore: Awareness

This type of ISO training is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to understand the best practices of ISO management systems. The ISO training program focuses on creating awareness of various ISO standards, understanding the purpose and objectives of each standard, and exploring the importance of continual improvement in an organization’s management system.

ISO Course Delivery

In-House /Classroom ISO Course in Singapore

In-house training is usually given in a conference room or classroom on the client’s premises, with face-to-face interaction. This approach has the benefit of being quite personalized. The advantage of this style of education is that it allows for a lot of interaction between the instructor and students.

Virtual Instructor-Led ISO Course in Singapore

This is a live, online version of the classroom-based ISO training, with an IAS instructor leading the course using web conferencing technology such as google meet and Zoom meetings in real-time from a remote location. The benefit of this format is that it makes the training more convenient and flexible, as students can participate from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, it tends to be less expensive than in-person training.

Self-Learning – ISO Course in Singapore

This type of ISO course involves learners working through the ISO training material on their own, at their own pace. You’ll get 30 days of online access to the course materials, PPTs, video lectures, and PDFs. It is a flexible option for those who prefer to learn independently or have scheduling constraints that make attending live training sessions difficult.

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At IAS, we provide comprehensive ISO training programs. Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively evaluate an organization’s management system against the relevant ISO standard. With our help, you will be able to perform effective audits of all processes within your organization and provide feedback on areas that do not comply with requirements. Register for an ISO course in Singapore today and start your journey to becoming an ISO expert!

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