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FDA Certification Singapore

Choose IAS to get FDA registration

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) provides FDA registration services in Singapore and also in numerous countries. We help:

  • Organizations in Singapore to register with Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • You complete the registration process with FDA successfully.

The FDA Certification process and the requirements to register with FDA differ from one facility to another facility. Our experts will provide complete guidance for you to understand these registration processes better. You can also apply FDA registration online.

What is a FDA registered company?

FDA registered company is a drug, medical device, food, dietary supplement manufacturer which has FDA registration. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a universally recognized federal agency, responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety of food and drug products. FDA certification is a necessary requirement for the manufacturers of food, drugs, medical devices, dietary supplements to export their products to the United States (US).

FDA – the United States federal agency of the health and human services department. It has main responsibility of protecting the public health and ensuring their safety. FDA approval is important for the products such as drugs, biological products, medical devices that helps to diagnose the diseases, animal drugs, food additives, etc.

Registering with FDA is also important for manufacturers within US. The FDA registration allows the manufacturer to market their products in the US market. This registration states that the organization is registered with FDA. But it does not prove that the organization or the products approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What is a FDA registration number?

FDA registration number is issued for the organization that is registered with FDA. This number is a must for the food facilities to enter the US. But, it is not a compulsory requirement for the manufacturers of medical devices and drugs. But, registering with FDA is important for drug manufacturers. This number is a unique identification number that includes 11 digits.

FDA does approve neither any organization nor product. But, FDA approval is important for new drug products and critical medical devices to step into the business market. FDA approves these organizations by performing thorough analysis. It assesses the technical documents, test reports, clinical results and as well as conduct site inspection to approve an organization that manufactures drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices.

FDA Certification

Companies that require FDA Registration

FDA Certification is a must for the manufactures of:

  • Drugs
  • Food and beverages
  • Dietary supplements
  • Animal food
  • Food supplements
  • Food ingredients
  • Color additives
  • Medical devices
  • Masks, gloves and gowns
  • Also, analytical test facilities, etc.

Registering with FDA is not mandatory for the manufacturers of cosmetic products to sell their products in the US market. FDA does not provide approval for the cosmetic products. But, the cosmetic product manufactures or brand owners within the US can get this FDA registration voluntarily through the Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program.

How to find the number of FDA Registration online?

FDA registration number is unique for each organization. It is a proof that your organization is registered with FDA. But, there is no website available online for the public to search the FDA registration number of the food facility. IAS issues  FDA certification  in Singapore for a wide range of products. We help our clients to meet the necessary requirements to register with food and drug administration. Also, you can verify the certificate on our website.

FDA registration certificate – Validity

The validity of the FDA registration certificate varies from one manufacturer to another manufacturer. For the manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements, the FDA registration is valid for one year. But for food facilities, the initial FDA certification has two years validity. The manufacturers should renew their certificate to comply with FDA regulation. IAS also helps you to renew your FDA registration.

Contact IAS today to learn more about FDA certification and FDA certification Audit Procedure, or visit our FDA certification frequently asked questions page!

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