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ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training in Singapore

Course Objective:

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training certification course in Singapore by IAS provides the delegates with deep understanding of standards and the required skills to perform first, second and, third-party audits of FSMS against ISO 22000.

IRCA Approved ISO 22000 Lead Auditor course  in Singapore by us will help you to earn the ability to plan, conduct, report, and follow up the FSMS audit which will intensify food safety observations and predominantly organizational performances.

The course will provide knowledge on how to enhance the business by improving performances and quality using the latest developments. By taking this course you will learn how to associate your audit findings to the organization’s policy and objectives inclusive of relevant regulations and legal requirements. ISO 22000:2018 Lead Auditor training will make you understand through significance of food safety specifications with other general management system specifications. 

Throughout this training course, delegates will get a thorough understanding of the principles and techniques and defined systematic approach used for the analysis and management of food safety hazards in a organisation.

The food safety Lead Auditor training aids delegate to gain technical knowledge, as well as practical skills and it will help to understand the purpose and importance of food safety management system and FSMS standards

The certification course is meant for anyone who wishes to audit FSMS against ISO 22000 requirements. Auditors or FSMS managers who wish to include a globally accepted qualification to your credibility can take this course. The people who are working as Food safety team leader, ISO 22000 consultants, or Technical food industry professional can also attend the course.


Topics to be covered in this course include :

  • General introduction
  • Food safety management principles, vocabulary and ISO 22000 requirements
  • Stage 1 audit (including document review)
  • Audit planning
  • On-site audit and audit skills
  • Writing NC reports and audit reporting
  • Audit follow up

Outline Of ISO 22000(FSMS) Lead Auditor Training Course :

  • FSMS scope. FSMS Terms & Definitions requirements and its Application
  • FSMS requirements and its Application
  • FSMS Policy, safety PRP’s, HACCP principles, establishing the HACCP plan, CCP’S, OPRP, verification, Validation, product identification, product recall system
  • Food safety Legal & regulatory requirements and its compliances.
  • FSMS Documentation requirements, internal Auditing and Management review meeting.
  • Monitoring and measurements of FSMS performance, Food safety Risk Analysis.
  • Explanation of Types of Audit, Audit Principles and Auditor Attributes
  • Explanation of NC Finding and NC report writing technique
  • Explanation of Audit Check list Preparation
  • Explanation of Audit Team selection, Audit planning
  • Opening meeting and interaction with Auditee.
  • Document Review Audit
  • Onsite Audit technique
  • Audit report writing technique
  • Closing meeting
ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training

Learning objectives :

This course Aim is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third party audits of food safety management systems Requirements of ISO 22000, in accordance with ISO 19011, ISO 22003 and 17021.

The training course will provide you a technical knowledge and practical skills to become a competent Lead Auditor, via the following:

The audit process, determination of audit objectives, identification of appropriate personnels

stage 1 and stage 2 audit, conducting on-site audits, preparation of working documents, conducting meetings, gathering audit evidences, audit reporting and audit follow up.

Auditing FSMS requirements, including external and internal issues, scope of the FSMS, regulatory and Statutory requirements, verification of the FSMS policy, and evaluation of auditee’s arrangements for planning, operational processes, food safety hazard control processes, management review, continual improvement and management commitments and Responsibilities of a auditor.

Prerequisites :


Delegates should possess a knowledge of ISO 22000 and principles of FSMS, if not we recommend you to take ISO 22000:2018 requirements course prior to attending the IRCA ISO 22000:2018 Lead Auditor training. It is preferable if you have had attended a lead auditor course or having prior experience in conducting internal audits.

At The End Of Lead Auditor Training Course The Participants Shall Be Able To :

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of FSMS ISO 22000 requirements.
  • Demonstrate the skill in implementation of FSMS ISO 22000
  • Become potential third party auditor for ISO 22000 standard.
  • Conduct effective ISO 22000 Audit.

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Accreditation :

After the successful completion of the Lead Auditor training course with continuous assessment and examination, delegates will be awarded with certificate which is valuable to support an application to become registered as an IRCA auditor. Achieving the IRCA auditor certification declares you as an globally recognized Lead Auditor. As we deliver experienced and proved talents in professional training globally, your knowledge and skills will improve through an interactive method to practical training.

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