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Halal Certification in Singapore

About Halal Certification

Halal is a globally recognized term that is used to describe the foods that are prepared in compliance with Islamic Sharia law. It is Arabic word which means permissible. Halal foods are famous among Muslim customers for purity and food quality.

Halal Certification is a globally recognized certification that establishes the Halal foods which are made by using the guidelines of Islamic law. This certification is a promise of the food manufacturers to the consumers that their products are Halal and safe for human consumption. It promotes your food business and enhances the marketability in the Muslim markets. It increases the confidence of the Muslim customers and others to trust in your food manufacturing process. Also, the Halal Certification helps the organizations to meet the applicable legal requirements.

The best Halal Certification provider in Singapore – IAS

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is one of the leading Halal Certification providers in Singapore. With our experienced auditors, we offer Halal Certification service in Singapore for all food business industries in supply chain. We analyze the trend of the local market and help the organizations to meet the compliance to achieve the Halal Certification.

Incorporated in 2006, IAS has more than 13 years of experience in providing halal certification service in Singapore.

Halal Certification

Who are applicable to get Halal Certification?

From food manufacturers to food retailers, Halal Certification is suitable for all types of food handlers in the food supply chain.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Food processing units
  • Medicine manufacturers
  • Supplementary food manufacturers
  • Exporters and importers of food items
  • Meat suppliers
  • Poultry suppliers, etc.

Advantages of achieving Halal Certification

Obtaining Halal Certification describes the quality of food products. It establishes your food products are safe and verified for quality testing. Also, it ensures the ingredients used to prepare the food products are also safe.

This certification:

  • Ensures the food products are safe for consumption
  • Enhances the marketability in Muslim market
  • Assures the food is Halal
  • Demonstrates the prepared food is made in line with Islamic law
  • Increases credibility
  • Develops customers confidence
  • Increases the sales of the products
  • Increases competency
  • Promotes brand image
  • Creates export opportunities
  • New business proposals
  • Promotes the reputation
  • Brings global recognition
  • Is applicable to all kinds of food handlers

Guidance from skilled experts

IAS has 300 empanelled auditors who have years of experience in auditing and issuing the wide variety of product certifications. Our auditors will help the clients in an effective manner to meet the requirements of the Halal Certification. This certification helps you gain the confidence of the consumers and ensures the quality of your food products. Quality testing and third-party certification gives you the confidence as a food manufacture to provide quality foods to your customers.

Certification procedure

Follow these simple steps to get Halal Certification from IAS:

  • Send the application to us. This application should include the necessary documents specified in the application form. Your application should state the product description, manufacturing process, used raw materials/ingredients, legal documents, etc.
  • IAS will review the application and contact you with the quotation
  • If you accept our terms and conditions, IAS will assign a team of skilled experts as auditors to conduct audit on your product
  • Our team will analyze the product application and description
  • They will evaluate all the possible requirements to perform a certification audit on your product
  • The auditors identifies the specific requirements and initiate the audit
  • If there is any gap found during the audit, our team will raise it as non-conformity. The organization needs to implement the non-conformities within the specified time given by the auditors
  • After the implementation, IAS will release the certificate
  • You can use this certificate to advertise your products
  • You can use our logo as per logo rules

Other product certification services by IAS

IAS is a predominant organization for providing other product certification such as CE Marking, GOST-R, Green, BRC, cGMP, Kosher and more.

We are also a trustable certification body for issuing management system certification against numerous ISO standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, etc.

Further, we also conduct ISO training such as lead auditor training, internal auditor training and awareness and foundation training courses on various ISO standards.

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